Saturday, June 26, 2010


From Thursday to Saturday morning we went camping. We went to Pioneer campground close to Hyrum in Cache valley. Johnny, Scott, Amy, Daren and I went. Everyone else had other commitments and could not break away. We had a lot of fun. Scott was a master at roasting marshmellows and perfected a chocolate-filled giant marshmellow. Amy made perfect roasted hot dogs (pig-in-blanket kind). Johnny went fishing a couple of times and caught a fish which he let go. We did a little hiking (Scott and Amy hiked up the mountain), Dad and Amy went for a long walk-run and we spent time at Porcupine Resevoir. Johnny, Scott and Amy went on a raft to the other side and did some cliff-jumping. Dad kept the trailer working great and I tried to keep us well-fed. We plan to go again this summer and hope everyone can come that time.

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